Credentials are used by Health care facilities, Insurance companies to ensure the qualification of the Clinicians. This objective evaluation of Practitioners’ License, Training or Experience, Competence and Ability to provide Services or perform dental procedures.


  • NHP ( National Health Portal) verify DHO under serial no. 38 in under national (
  • We are part of the digital healthcare movement, a Govt of India initiative.
  • NABH ( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health care Providers)
  • We agree to what NABH claims, that in India, Heath System currently operates within an environment of rapid social, economical and technological changes. Accreditation would be the single most important approach for improving the quality of Dental Facility.
  • DHO in partnership with NABH to facilitate the process of accreditation.

Standard Protocols and SOP

  • Sterilization
  • Diagnostics SOP
  • Treatment SOP
  • Post Operative Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Clinical Standards
  • Specialist Credentials

Our Complete DHR integrated with basic electronic health record with HIPPA compliance.We follow, ICD 10, CDT 7 for our EHR/EDR.

Regulatory Compliance in the Dental Office

Dentist in private practice sector, as well as their academic counterparts, must comply with variety of national and state regulations.

  • We follow OSHA (Occupational safety and Health Act) standard are at all our network of service providers,
  • Centers for Disease control and prevention (This organisations is concerned with safeguarding the public’s health),
  • Environmental protect Agency,
  • National and state health authorities (Private medical establishment registrations)
  • We publish Regulatory Compliance Manual.
  • Regulated Medical waste disposal management system