Women are more prone for gum infections.

During Puberty

Due to dramatic rise in female sex hormonal levels causes gum infections. Gum infections can complicate if the oral hygiene is bad.

Condition called “Juvenile Periodontitis” can results to some individuals because of hormonal changes associated along with infection of certain type of bacteria which, leads to destruction of bone supporting the teeth thereby loosening of teeth.

During Menstruation

Significant gum changes occurs during menstruation

    • Bright red color of the gums ( usually pink color)
    • Bleeding and swollen gums
    • Ulcers in the mouth
    • Bad breath
    • Minor increase in tooth mobility

These can complicate in individuals presenting with pre-existing gum infections.

At Menopause

Unlike the rhythmic patterns of the reproductive cycle, the onset of menopause is accompanied by irregular hormonal fluctuations. As the production of sex hormone decreases.

Oral discomfort like

  • Burning sensation in the mouth.
  • Dryness of mouth (due to decrease salivary flow).
  • Bad taste.

“Osteoporosis” is a condition seen commonly in post menopausal women which affects the bones. This decreases the density of the bone which affects even the jaw bones leading to loosening of teeth.

During pregnancy

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy leads to gum diseases (pregnancy tumor, swollen and bleeding gums) this is due exaggerated gum response to an irritation (often calculus). Gum infections have reported to cause Premature delivery and Low birth weight babies.

Gum infections starts at about second month of pregnancy and increase in severity through the eighth month. If pre-existing oral hygiene is bad it can complicate the condition.

Dental procedures are relatively contraindicated during pregnancy especially, during first three months and last three months of pregnancy.SAFE PERIOD would be between fourth to sixth month. Any drugs taken can affect the developing babys teeth and other organs (tetracyclines).

Prenatal dental care of the baby should begin as early as six weeks in mothers womb because development of teeth starts at about this time which, can be affected by mother diet. A well balanced body with harmonious function of the hormones with diet containing sufficient vitamins and minerals beginning in intra-uterine life helps in healthy and normal development of teeth and other organs of the body.